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Paul, Nate and Laura c. 1993
Gullible's Travels
by: Chefelf

In the summer of 1993 Paul, Nate and Laura went to England. We'd like to say that after three weeks we returned to the United States with a better understanding of English life and culture. Unfortunately we were young and stupid so all we came back with was stories about hanging around the place we stayed watching "Telly". Also we went to see Jurrasic Park... great flick!

Nate kept a journal of his travels in Great Britain... Paul and Laura kept similar books but filled them with silly drawings. Presented here for the first time is Chef "Nate" Elf's English Travel Journals.... enjoy.

[The words in red are the words of Present Day Nate. You don't think that's too vain do you?]

Day 18
Monday August 9, 1993

12:20 A.M.
Today we're going driving. I wonder where?

10:25 A.M.
I'm miserable and tired and I'd rather die than stop sleeping. This drive had better be a good one.

11:35 A.M.
It wasn't good! We're back. We stood out in the rain for twenty minutes and instead of going to Bath and having fun we're staying here because the driver couldn't get a seat belt for Laura. Damn us and our precautions. Laura just asked me how to spell Ross Perot and I said, "R-O-S-S-P-R-O." Instead of sharing a seat belt with Laura we decided to spend the rest of the day here.

[So all of a sudden Paul and I are avid globetrotters? Now we're all upset at the prospect of having to spend a day at the University? Sheesh.]

1:05 P.M.
We changed our plans and finally got on the road. We're at a castle! I took lots of neat pictures. We might see some stone circles today!

7:06 P.M.
We went to the stone circles. I got a necklace. Paul got the same thing and a bad of runes. Laura got a nice pouch filled with "magic" stones. I took lots of pictures. We just got licorice pipes to smoke. At the stone circles there were lots and lots of sheep droppings and hills and valleys. I used all of my film.

[After developing the film I realised that there were an awful lot more pictures of sheep poop than of stone circles. Oh well.]

11:11 P.M.
We drew lots of neat pictures. I told them stories of some of the people in my pictures. We had lots of crisps and I had the most disgusting ones in the world. Cheese and Onion Flavour. I didn't read it before I ate it but after I did eat it I wished that I had read it.

[Ah culture.]
[Today's grade: B+, Started out weak but picked up in the end.]

End of Day 18
Next time: We see actual Roman Ruins and Laura bathes a plastic dinosaur!